FPV Reconn

This is the FPV QUAD STEALTH RECONN - Reconn is the first ever purpose built FPV Travel Quad -   The idea being a small and  quite quad with the Full 1080p GoProHeroHD2 outfront - clear of props in the HD FOV - and the battery offset to the rear to keep the CofG centred. We have also decided to run our own tried and tested FPV cameras to give the very best aperture control and low light ability equal to or better than the human eye for low light ops as per the improvements in the V2 GoPros.  The lens is also the 2.8mm factory fitted for the best FOV for judging depth and height on FPV - The Stealth is a total package and the motors/ESC/Props and and Airframe are the perfect combination - add PARIS Sirius IMU control system = Hero ship.  Reconn sits at 1kg and runs the bigger 775kv motors at a high voltage and wattage


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After about one year releasing videos on Vimeo and Youtube, has now gone life to promote glambert7777 videos and equipment.

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