The Carbon Quad/Octa 175mm SCARAB 12mm is a large 675mm QUAD for Aerial Photography - requires assembly skills - has the properties of a super strong CENTRAL CORE - with three decks - PARIS Sirius™ can be mounted on a TOP-DECK - slender 12/10mm double thickness booms & light weight mounts have been designed to reduce airflow drag beingaerodynamically clean and efficient with low drag under the propeller wash zone. The booms can be rotated/offset by small increments to provide positive-offset-thrust lines rather than the poor yaw control associated with rectangular or flat boom frames. Can be upgraded to Octa at any time by adding 4 booms/motors/ESC and reprogramming the PARIS or WookongM


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Below is a detail of my QuadOcta setup, including video TX, Eagletree OSD, Gopro, Emcotec beeper, inverted vee antenna and Thomas Scherrer:


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After about one year releasing videos on Vimeo and Youtube, has now gone life to promote glambert7777 videos and equipment.

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