Scarab Vampire

The Scabarb Vampire is in my case an upgrade from the QuadOcta, just adding 2 motors, Paris GPS, reprogramming the Paris board for Hex H,and changing the organization of the equipment to take advantage of the extra available space between the frames.


The Carbon Vampire 175mm SCARAB 12mm is a large 700mm Hexii for Aerial Photography - requires assembly skills - has the Has the flight characteristic of a Quad - yet is smooth and light, thanks to a super strong CENTRAL CORE - with three decks - PARIS Sirius™ can be mounted on the mid-TOP-DECK - slender 12/10mm double thickness booms. Scarab Vampire is set up as an H configuration where the side motors are NOT used for yaw - their function is to profit lift near the centre. If you choose to run a WookongM do not select Hex - you must use a custom motor-mix - for PARIS Sirius™ there is a custom mix called H since v2.2 code.  The booms can be rotated/offset by small increments to provide positive-offset-thrust lines rather than the poor yaw control associated with rectangular or flat boom frames.

Build log

The first step is to open top deck of the Quad, remove electronic equipment (TX, OSD, RX) and add the two booms.

Because the wiring for a Hex is more complex than a Quad, I decided to use the Voltair power distribution Board rather than the distribution harness. It is very easy, just solder the + and - of the 6 ESCs on the Voltair. I soldered also 2 JST plugs, one to supply the Andromeda board and the second as an extra spare supply. At the end, this gives a very neat design.

Voltair in place in the Vampire frame:

Then I start to re-organize the top deck.  I will attach to the Quad frame the Paris board and the Thomas Scharrer NR600 receiver.


My idea is then to attach all the FPV gear to the new Vampire upper deck. The latest is not in carbon, to avoid blocking RF transmissions, RC RX or video TX.  On that top frame, I then place my video TX, the Eagle Tree OSD and the Emcotec locating beeper.  This beeper is use to locate the aircraft in case of a crash, it works with autonomous power in case main battery is disconnected.

I can fly the Scarab Vampire like that, if I don't need FPV - Line of sight, with lower weight and longer flight times:

Or bring the FPV deck wich will add the FPV features including video TX, Emcotec beeper and Eagletree OSD with GPS, RSSI, Baro alt, video TX, Emcotec beeper:

To connect the FPV deck, I just need to plug :


- The JST supply coming from the Voltair to the Andromeda v2.  This andromeda supplies the FPV TX with 12 volts.

- The andromeda ground to the Paris board - so the leds of the andromeda are synchro to the Paris Led

- The LEDRING plug to Paris board to have the numbers of sats on my LEDRING

- The OSD main current XT60 plug to the XT60 coming from the Voltair


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