Scarab YSiix

The v2 YSiixKopta (HEXACopter) is a powerful 6 engined multicopter with a max lift of 1.8kg (6 CarbonBird 775 motors on 4S and 9050 props and a 4S2650 40C LiPo) and a realistic AP payload of 750grams including the gimbal - designed to carry the latest APS-C mirrorless cameras on the integrated front roll -gimbal - and CNC camera tray - Ideal for Nex5N or Panasonic GH2 or Nikon V1 - As supplied (no payload) it will hover at 1/3 throttle easily !!   This Aircraft flies normally on 5 engines - so one complete engine or prop or ESc can fail and still save your camera gear. 

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YSiix (Y6) Build log

So we start with the motors.  At the time I build my Y6, I had to reverse the shafts but this is not the case anymore, a painfull step that is avoided !

Next is to mount the motors on the carbon motors holders. 

And mount the opposite motors.

Now we prepare the carbon frame and the Voltair power distribution board.

Attach the Voltair to the frame...

Now, the ESCs have been places, the boom mounts, the Gimbal, the video transmitter...  Just missing the second carbon plate to close the sandwich!

Ready for the second carbon frame...

This is the comparison between the new top frame and the bottom frame. The removable core top frame can open with 4 screws to give easy access to power distribution and ESC plugs, in case for example, you have to remove a boom, and later reconnect ESCs to motors without opening the frame.

Top frame in place...

Top frame openned...

Scarab YSiix with Paris Board Scarab YSiix with Paris Board
Scarab YSiix with DJI Wookong Scarab YSiix with DJI Wookong


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