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I had to learn much more tecnhical stuff than anticipated when I started in this hobby.  My manual skill have improved a lot as well, I improved my soldering skills, I discovered the existence of heatschrink, I had to edit multiwii code to modify the behaviour of my multicopters.  This hobby requires a wide open mind and to develop many skills.


In these technical pages I describe some of the steps I had to go through and the technical solution I have selected or developped.


Be aware that not all these configurations are legal in your country. It is your responsability to comply to the rules applicable to the place where you fly. In most of the countries, radio transmissions are regulated. To be compliant in most of the places, I advice strongly to stick to 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz bands and remain within the locally admitted power limits.


- How the aircrafts are controlled through the Radio

- How to aircrafts are powered through Lipo batteries

- How the aircrafts are stabilized by flight controllers

- How to avoid get stable aircraft and gello-free videos by balancing props.

- The different types of cameras that can be used

- How to transmit video from the aircraft to the ground

- How to receive the video with the ground station

- How to monitor aircraft health with telemetry data

- How to get telemetry data directly incrusted in video through OSD


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After about one year releasing videos on Vimeo and Youtube, has now gone life to promote glambert7777 videos and equipment.

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