Flight controllers

Paris Sirius Multiwiicopter

Paris Sirius v4r6 is presented here with the GPS option. This is based on open source code developped by Alexandre Dubus, aka alexinparis. The great thing with the multiwii code is that it continuously improves, acquires new functions and handles new hardware.  You may get one Paris sirius fully programmed by and only if you wish, you can play in affecting the code and flight caracteristics... 

Dji Naza and DJI Wookong M

Both Naza and Wookong are great products.  They are easy to setup and very reliable. Wookong is more the pro option while the Naza is more for the amateur.  They both offer a GPS stable mode which reduces greatly the required piloting skills. However, don't be fooled, to avoid crashes, more skill than just piloting is required.


Gaui-344 is the first flight controller I used. I would say in 2012, it is vastly outdated by all the technologies that developped since I first acquired this controller.


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After about one year releasing videos on Vimeo and Youtube, has now gone life to promote glambert7777 videos and equipment.

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