Props balancing technique (Triples)

For balancing Triples props, you need a magnetic balancer and electric tape. A good magnetic balancer is critical, this is the one I use and the corresponding instruction manual.

To start, place the prop on the balancer and let it reach equilibrium. The lower blade is the heavier; the middle one is intermediate and the higher one is the lightest.  The game is now to add weight to the lightest and intermediate blades in order to achieve 3 blades with the same weight. Never add weight to the heavier blade,  to avoid doing this, mark it with a felt-tip pen.

Now take the intermediate blade and add to it a piece of electric tape. Move the tape forward or backward along the blade until the lightest blade comes perfectly to 12 hours like in the picture.  At this stage the intermediate blade has the same weight as the heaviest one.

Now we need to take care of the lightest blade by adding tape (weight) to it. So proceed as in the previous step until intermediate blade comes to 12 hours.  When done, the 3 blades have the same weight.

Last step is a check by placing each blade in the 12 hours position and verifying that the position can be maintained, meaning the 2 other blades have the same weight. If necessary, proceed to little adjustment of the position of the tapes to get the equilibrium.  Once this is done, you should be able to position the prop at any angle and it should remain it that position.


Additionnal tips:


- During all the process, keep your hands and fingers away from the blades and the prop, the magnetic balancer is so sensitive that you can move the blades only with the static electricity from your hands


- With a triple blade, there is no need to equilibrate the hub like with double bladed pros because in this case the 3 blades at 120° allow to reach perfect equilibrium without having to touch the hub.


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