All these videos are made with Scarab multicopters, either FPV or LOS piloting.

ColibriLens Showreel 2012

Raiatea and Tahaa Islands, motu Mirimiri, motu Cerran - French Polynesia.


I travelled there with all my family. We have been kindly hosted in Raiatea by Perrine.  I had taken the QuadOcta in my suitcase, dettaching the arms. Most of the lipos were carried as cabin luggage, split between my wife,myself and kids. If the control agent say somthing, just explain this is lipo technology, same as for any iphone or laptop computer - no difference.

Viens, Lubéron

Viens is a small village in Lubéron, South of France. The film is a mix between Aerial images and images taken during a walk in the city with my son.

Colorado Provencal, Rustrel - Lubéron

This film was made during a visit of the site with my 3 kids.  No real preparation and strong limitation in time... The kids are young and deserve more time and attention than the hobby!


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After about one year releasing videos on Vimeo and Youtube, has now gone life to promote glambert7777 videos and equipment.

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